Not only homophobes but also biphobes and transphobes alike are complaining about the massive celebration. All I can say is that there’s still three weeks to go before July 1st. And it’s going to get on your nerves again in another eleven months. Live and let live. #bearpride #pridemonth #pride2022 #bipride #pride #brotherhood

🎵 Wait a Minute! 🎤 WILLOW 💿 ARDIPITHECUS (2015)

Neither Wow nor Meh: My First Samsung Earbuds

"Neither Wow nor Meh: My First Samsung Earbuds"

My launch-day AirPods Pro are not working nicely. The microphones in the right earbud keep emitting funny noises that render it barely usable, despite the fact that it’s already an AppleCare-covered replacement unit and the original unit had the exact same issue. However, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to buy another pair of AirPods Pro at this point. They have been on the market for 2.5 years, and a new generation won’t be available until this fall or winter. ⇢ Read more

Chicken souvlaki bowl w/ tomatoes & sautéed zucchini

Korean-style firecracker turkey bowl w/ cabbage slaw & Gochujang mayo

In 2022, I’m still very happy with this keyboard, A1243, the last wired Apple keyboard (introduced in 2007 and discontinued in 2017). A solid aluminum full-size keyboard with large arrow keys, a numpad, 19 function keys (F1 to F19, isn’t that crazy?), and two downstream USB 2.0 ports, it gives a quasi-mechanical feel. Sometimes I even think Apple should have kept it in its keyboard line.

creamy buffalo chicken stew w/ rice

cheesy beef unstuffed peppers w/ chili-cumin tomato sauce

honey garlic cashew chicken w/ cabbage & steamed rice

Today I learned that I can access clinical settings on my CPAP machine without the need to contact my sleep doctor or CPAP specialist. My model is a ResMed AirSense 10. I can enter Clinical Menu simply by pressing the Home button and the big knob for three seconds at the same time. Then I can adjust the pressure, turn on/off Ramp Time, activate AB Filter, etc. in Settings. In the past years I’ve had to shoot them an email or give them a call for any little change.

Miso chicken w/ sautéed veggies & steamed rice

Tex-Mex beef bowl w/ guacamole & feta

Chorizo taco bowl w/ red lentil rice & lime crema