and vs. &

"and vs. &"

When texting people or posting a status on social media, we often write the word and as & (ampersand) for convenience. But does Python handle and and & the same way? ⇢ Read more

Addition, Concatenation, and Increment

"Addition, Concatenation, and Increment"

Many Python learners consider addition and increment to be similar or even the same, like a = a + 1 is basically the same as a += 1. Here are some examples to show you that they’re actually not – when “addition” is actually “concatenation.” ⇢ Read more

Interesting Python Operators

"Interesting Python Operators"

Have you noticed that + (arithmetic operation) creates a new object with a different identity when it works with a variable while + (string concatenation) doesn’t do so? (You can use the id() function and the identity operator is to find out.) ⇢ Read more

The Computation of the Square Root of 𝑥

"The Computation of the Square Root of 𝑥"

I came across an apparently simple yet intriguing coding problem:
⇢ Read more