When it comes to socializing or dealing with people, never do anything with expectations. Whatever happens, happens.

Hydro One 📣 : Power outage in your area. Possibly overnight. 1260 homes and businesses affected.

Neighbours 🗯 : Tell us when it comes back!

Me 💭 : The nearby convenience store has really weak fridges. Their ice creams are thawing. Don’t buy this week!

UPDATE: done my part yet another time #TeamPfizer #PfizeredUp

a bit late to the party #TeamPfizer #PfizeredUp

Howdy, people on the Internet! Did I mention that I was woken up by my electric toothbrush this morning? My first Philips Sonicare died soon after it woke me up on an early morning in 2019. This second one is likely suffering the same fate.

In case you’re not using this brand, the Philips Sonicare toothbrush tends to start working spontaneously when its life nears the end. You can’t stop it. Or rather, you can stop it before it starts itself again in no time. The battery drains away very soon. The device is barely usable. It’s time to get a new one.

When it suddenly turns itself on in the middle of the night, the vibration is strong enough to wake you up, if your bedroom is close to the bathroom. I once wrapped it tight in a clean towel and buried it in a pile of dirty laundry to minimize the noise. 🙂

I was talking to this landlord, and our conversation went really well until I got ghosted. Never got a reply from him again. Then the next day he changed the description to “Females Only” and jacked up the price by $100/month.

To your surprise, this didn’t piss me off at all.

At least he managed to reply and DOES have a property for rent.

That made him a better guy than 60% of those on Kijiji and in Facebook groups.

But honestly, I hate people even more.

I’m not assertive enough to grasp at anything / anybody that interests me. I let them pass me by. I perform subtraction in lieu of addition on all matters. I have an intuition that the less I own, the happier I am.

Many have fantasized animals having emotions like humans do. Personally, however, I think it’s a good thing that most animals are relatively or absolutely impassive. Imagine you’re farming a hen that starts to weep and lament like a human mother does the moment you take her eggs away. As eggs are indispensable to your diet, you’d take them regardless and over time get accustomed to her shedding tears. Then tears (human or nonhuman) would mean less to you than they do. Their weeps would be seen as part of their physiology, just like the rattling sound of a rattlesnake. In other words, their sentience would be downplayed to the point where we might grow more insensitive to others’ emotional reactions to losses, unhappiness, and pain. The fact that human emotions are one of a kind ensures that we take emotions seriously.

In most languages, France 🇫🇷 is translated into names starting with the /f/ sound. In the Māori language, however, France is called Wīwī. I think it’s quite self-explanatory.




We made our way here, and this is our home.

We come from different backgrounds, yet that’s not a reason for exclusion of any form. Racism has no place here.

Only when we bear in mind how this country took shape could we make it a better place for ourselves and our progeny.

Today is a time for celebration, as well as a time for reflection and action.

Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

Lots of singers who gave a subpar performance tend to justify themselves. Oftentimes they’re like “Sorry, I caught a bad cold but had to carry on.”

But how come I’ve never seen any of them sneeze on stage? 🤔

A Christian taking the Bible and trying to dictate the way you live your life is as absurd as a raccoon enjoining you to dowse your cookies before eating.

Refrain from bulldozing anyone into anything with your goddamn religion.

If you think something’s wrong with people who refuse to abide by the Bible, probably there’s something wronger with you.

Bullying Is Not an LGBT Trait

"Bullying Is Not an LGBT Trait"

I’ve been receiving these “not gonna make my day” types of messages from time to time. Well, I’m sorry that their daughter had to experience this. But at the same time please be aware that some people with Asperger’s are also harassing LGBT+ individuals in a blatantly rude manner. More importantly, some autistic people are members of the LGBT+ community themselves. The overlap between the two identities does exist. ⇢ Read more