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Addition, Concatenation, and Increment

"Addition, Concatenation, and Increment"

Many Python learners consider addition and increment to be similar or even the same, like a = a + 1 is basically the same as a += 1. Here are some examples to show you that they’re actually not – when “addition” is actually “concatenation.” ⇢ Read more

Interesting Python Operators

"Interesting Python Operators"

Have you noticed that + (arithmetic operation) creates a new object with a different identity when it works with a variable while + (string concatenation) doesn’t do so? (You can use the id() function and the identity operator is to find out.) ⇢ Read more

I’m aware that my mailbox has been receiving more spam than ever. Since Fastmail (referral link here) is a very reliable email service provider, I believe the influx of spam is attributable to the direct mailto: link on my Contact Card page. So I’ve replaced that link with plain text, expecting folks to type in my email address manually when they need to reach out. I’m often bummed out that we have to inconvenience each other this way.

This is a three-day-old new release, but I like it a lot!

🎵 You Ain’t Running Yet 🎤 Andrew Hyatt 💿 Four Good Years (2022)

Neither Wow nor Meh: My First Samsung Earbuds

"Neither Wow nor Meh: My First Samsung Earbuds"

My launch-day AirPods Pro are not working nicely. The microphones in the right earbud keep emitting funny noises that render it barely usable, despite the fact that it’s already an AppleCare-covered replacement unit and the original unit had the exact same issue. However, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to buy another pair of AirPods Pro at this point. They have been on the market for 2.5 years, and a new generation won’t be available until this fall or winter. ⇢ Read more

Well, at this point I still have no idea what Snapchat is. Is it a social media platform like Instagram or TikTok, or is it a messenger like Telegram or WhatsApp, or both, or neither? I’ve installed and deleted it a couple times. Couldn’t figure out a reason to stick with it. Couldn’t even be bothered to look into it. I might be a weird member of Generation Y. 🤷🏻‍♂️


🎵 …And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around 🎤 $uicideboy$ 💿 Stop Staring at the Shadows (2020)

— Last night I saw you and a hot chick walk out of Walmart arm in arm, carrying a bag of oranges and six beers. Who was that?

— Hon, it’s not true. Let me explain.

Sandra declined your voice chat request
Sandra declined your voice chat request

— Hon???

Sandra declined your voice chat request

— Not true? Whoa. I spotted you guys right there, OK?!

— Let me explain, babe, OK?

(sighs) What’d you say?

— We bought tangerines.

I believe the virus should supersede me at work and my boss is gonna like her better. She’s working relentlessly, improving herself incessantly, and bringing about new features every few months that the whole world has to take seriously.

Comparing our favorite music we listen to while in low spirits, a friend and I have found our tastes vastly different. His choice of music has a soothing, uplifting soundscape with much otherworldly beauty, while mine sounds way more gloomy, gauzy, and decidedly melancholic, like a ton of heavy rocks tossed onto a sinking ship.

This one has become my go-to track when I’m down since 2018. No need for a lush arrangement – just two or three chords can profoundly strike at my soul.

🎵 rejecter 🎤 nothing,nowhere. 💿 ruiner (2018)

Sometimes you should trust your gut when telling whether someone is being dishonest.